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At sunset, sunbeams perch on the buildings, dyeing them with light and silence, then … time stops on its walls and for a instant that moment is perfect, beautiful, accurate …

Excerpt from “The Blue House”

  • Ezequiel Calatayud Moreno
    Ezequiel Calatayud Moreno Architect


Superior Architect University of Navarra. Specialty Urbanism 1989 – MRA Projects Department. Navarra 1.992 – Painting School Joaquín – Torrents Lladó. 1.994 – C L M Arquitectos. 2.010 – Own Study. Jaén. 2.011 – Master company EOI 2015 – ECAS Arquitectura, Desarrollos Inmobiliarios 2015

  • Sara Pelegrín
    Sara Pelegrín Decor


Bachelor of Fine Arts Huelva 1.995. Ceramist, sculptor and decorator. Ceramic Teacher Punta Umbría Town Hall. Expert in Coaching, personal development and emotional therapies. Own ceramic workshop and decoration. Collaborator and Partner of ECAS Architecture.



Technical architect. University School of Technical Architecture of Granada.1.994. Degree in Building. University School of Building Engineering. University of Granada. 25 years of professional experience in Civil Works Management, Rehabilitation, Security Plans and Coordination. Adequacy Projects and Minor Work, Perceptions and Reports.

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